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About Us

Built On A
Foundation Of Integrity
In The Realty Sphere

Deserve Group stands as a distinguished leader in the dynamic world of Real Estate Development. Our core expertise lies in the realm of Slum Rehabilitation projects, a domain where we've not only excelled but set the pace for others to follow.

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the landscape of Mumbai by unlocking the untapped potential hidden within the sprawling slum areas. We recognized the transformative power of these spaces, and our unwavering commitment to development and progress ignited a spark that has reshaped the city.

At Deserve Group, we don't just develop land; we craft opportunities. Our strategic partnerships with renowned developers allow us to transform raw land into iconic structures that represent progress, innovation, and a brighter future. Every project we undertake is meticulously planned, exquisitely designed, and flawlessly executed.

Our enduring success is built on a foundation of trust and reliability. We've cultivated strong relationships with our suppliers, associates, and valued customers, ensuring that each endeavor is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The future holds exciting prospects for us as we embark on a journey of diversification. We plan to extend our footprint into diverse sectors such as Infrastructure, Hospitality, Agriculture, and Power. With innovation as our driving force, Deserve Group is poised to shape a world that's both refined and eye-catching. Join us as we create the future you deserve.

Holistic Development

The Guiding Principles That
Drive Our Growth

Ever since our inception, we have ensured holistic development for all our stakeholders. Our exemplary work in the areas of slum-rehabilitation and redevelopment has been a reflection of that philosophy.

Pillars Of Holistic Development

Individual Development

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We understand that individuals make up the collective whole, which is why we try and empower individuals to excel in their work. We also believe that helping others develop can aid in the individual’s own growth trajectory.

Architect Associate Development

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Architect Associate

We continuously work on strengthening our relations with various real estate developers so that we ensure maximum benefits. So far, we’ve established ties with market leaders who bring strong brand equity and excellent reputation with them.

Infrastructural Development

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At Deserve, our prime endeavor is to provide a better lifestyle to our customers. We have an informed panel of architects, designers, engineers and planners who help us in this direction by creating magnificent structures.

Social Development

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Being a socially conscious organization, we take great measures to uplift the society and provide opportunities where there are none. From developing educational institutes to imparting vocational skills, from providing emergency healthcare to promoting cultural activities, our efforts have made a difference to many lives.

Chairman’s Message

Sailing Smoothly Towards
A United Purpose

Chairman’s Message

I congratulate everyone who have been a part of the success story at Deserve, and who have aligned themselves with our vision to create a better tomorrow. The company’s key drivers of success so far have been our capable resources, ability to envisage opportunities in medium to large scale projects, and adherence to quality at each phase. Besides residential and commercial office spaces, we are also looking to diversify into other classes such as hospitality, research, agriculture and horticulture.

We value trust and integrity in our company and we have been doing our best to meet the expectations of our valued customers and well-wishers. Though every business has a key element of profitability, we are not only profit oriented but committed to human values and nation building. We are devoted to fulfill our social responsibilities through facilitating education, healthcare and energy to the under privileged sections of the society.

This very lookout for facilitating the development of the entire society gives us a vision to look for a holistic development not just in building structures but also in building livelihoods for all. With this agenda of redevelopment, we begin structuring a blueprint for a better and more sustainable tomorrow. Because a better livelihood can lead to a better tomorrow that is worth living.

Thank you.
Santosh Sarda.

Chairman’s Message

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Vision, Mission & Values

Progressing With
Passion To Achieve Success


Our vision is to become a hallmark of trust and quality across the globe. We want to make India the epicenter of modern development.


Our mission is to use our collective knowledge, combined experience, fair business practices and steadfast values to provide an international standard of experience to our customers.


At Deserve Group, we place supreme emphasis on our values to create sustainable development. These values are our anchor as we work towards a larger purpose.

  • Discipline
  • Employee Focus
  • Being Just
  • Continuous Growth
  • Long Term Vision
  • Pride
  • Respect & Humility

Architect Associates

Our Illustrious Partners In
Creating Magnificence

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